Top Tips for Housing Applications

Things to think about

Do I really want to move?
We sometimes receive applications from people who don’t actually want to move, or who cannot face the business of the sorting out that comes with moving, especially if they are downsizing. Discuss it with friends or family if you feel unsure.

If you have been bereaved our advice is to make no major decisions for 12 months if at all possible, only move if you have to.

Do I want a one bedroomed property? 
99% of our flats and bungalows have one bedroom (plus a sitting room, shower room and kitchen) If you need more bedrooms we probably aren’t able to help you.

Do I want to live in either Smethwick or Harborne? 
HPLC has 2 schemes in Harborne and 3 in Smethwick so we can’t help if you want to live somewhere else. 

Make your case: It’s vital that you tell us why you want to move, that way we know how much priority to give you when we organise our home visits.

Be clear: It’s a good idea to get someone to read your application and ask them to point out anything they don’t understand. If you are not sure what to put phone us up (426 1600) we’ll be pleased to help.

Fill in the form:
When you send in your application make sure that you have answered all the questions. We’ll be happy to help if you are unsure what to put, just contact us and we’ll do our best to assist.

Don’t forget to sign the form!

And finally….
We will come to visit you about your application so if your circumstances change or you want to add more information you can tell us then and, of course, ask as many questions as you like.  We usually visit in the afternoon and encourage you to have a family member or friend with you if you’d like to.
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